About Koh Chang

Koh Chang and the other islands of the Koh Chang marinepark appear as one of the last relativly untouched Thai islands.

More beautiful beaches can be found in Thailand, however the combination of relatevly

high mountains, all covered with tropical rainforest on one side and the location in the

Gulf of Thailand make it an ideal place to sit back and relax for a couple of days or weeks.

Most of the forest and all of the surrounding sea are protected "Nationalpark" areas.

Usually you will find beautiful sunny days from end of October to end of April

with decent temperatures mainly in December and January.

People are very friendly here and prices are still reasonable, a little more than Pattaya or Bangkok,

but way lower than Koh Samui or Phuket.

Meanwhile it's easy to get here and we will be happy to help you find out what to do here.

Sea Eagles, monkeys, epic views and jungle noises are all around. Ko Chang is where you can let

your hair down a little.

Ko Chang has much more of a tropical island feel than other Thai islands and the ferries

and the mainroad are achievements of the past ten years.


There are about 4 dozens of islands around Koh Chang and some are easily accessed

by boats or kayaks from Koh Chang.


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You can find many videos about Koh Chang, this is one of the best   Koh Chang from the air

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