How to get to Koh Chang

By air

There are 2 or 3 daily flights by Bangkok Airways from Bangkok to Trat (cost 2011 about 4.000 THB 1 way).

The flight time is about 50 minutes.

From Trat airport you will be brought to Koh Chang Hut Hotel by minibus and ferry,

which may take 2 hours and cost around 500 THB.

By bus

There are several bus services meanwhile that run from Bangkok directly to the ferrypiers for Koh Chang,

leaving Bangkok from either Kao San Road or the Ekamai busstation (easy reachable with the Skytrain)

or directly from the airport Suvarnabhumi.

Buses are all airconditioned and quite convenient, so probably the best way to reach the island.

Prices are around 350 - 500 THB and the journey takes about 5 hours.

Buses leave early in the morning, from Ekamai usually at 7:30 and 9:30, from Kao San Road at 8am

and 10am.

If you could not catch a direct bus, there are hourly buses from Ekamai to Trat and every 2 hours

from Morchit to Trat.

This journey takes a little bit longer. In Trat take a shared taxi to either Centerpoint Ferry or

Koh Chang Ferries at Ao Tamachat, about 30 - 40 minutes, costs are about 50 THB per person.

By private car

A comfotable way to travel is a private car. You can catch one either on the airport or

wherever you start. Traveltime is slightly shorter than by bus. They will bring you directly

to Koh Chang Hut Hotel on Koh Chang. Usually they can seat 4 passengers, minibuses

that can seat up to 10 persons can also be arranged.

Koh Chang Hut Hotel will arrange a private transport for you and your company, just let us know.

By minibus

There are minibus services from Pattaya and Bangkok directly to the ferry piers and further to

Koh Chang Hut Hotel in White Sands Beach.

The prices are about double the price for the goverment busses and they take about

as long as the bus or longer. If you are tall, do not consider a minibusride, the space is quite limited.

By motorbike

Especially in Pattaya and Bangkok it is quite easy to rent a motorbike for a couple of days

and travel to Koh Chang. Do not necessarily tell, that you want to take the bike to Koh Chang,

you might not get a nice bike or pay more rental fee.

There are 4 lane roads for most of the route and the way to Chantaburi and further on to

Trat is easy to find. About 30 km before Trat turn right to the ferries.

Ferries to Koh Chang

Boats are leaving from 2 different piers, the Centerpoint Ferries and Koh Chang Ferries

at Ao Tamachat. From Centerpoint and Ao Tamachat boats to the island leave at least every hour.

The last ferry is at 7:00pm. The trip takes 20 to 40 minutes.


Transportation on Koh Chang

Arrived on Koh Chang, shared taxis (Songthaews) will be waiting right at the pier to bring you to

Koh Chang Hut Hotel. If the car cannot be filled completely, you might have to wait

for the next ferry to arrive or pay more, also at nighttime prices increase.

The trip to Koh Chang Hut Hotel takes about 20 minutes and costs about 50 THB.



Kohchanghut Hotel is at the Southern end of Whitesand Beach, right where the road to Klong Prao starts ascending ,

about opposite Paddy Palms.


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